WeedBoost 10L Desinfectionsmittel & Dünger

WeedBoost 10L Desinfectionsmittel & Dünger
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WeedBoost 1L Desinfectionsmittel & Dünger 5L The new generation in hydroculture WEEDBOOST.... mehr
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WeedBoost 1L Desinfectionsmittel & Dünger 5L
The new generation in hydroculture WEEDBOOST.

Irrigation is ecological, environmentally friendly and 100% degraded.
It is compatible with the environment and people.
Irrigation kills pathogens. Minerals promote growth up to 30% without chemi- cals!
Removes the biofilm from the irrigation system where germs and other bacteria are present.
Safe and effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses.
Is approved for service water and drinking water gem.
TVO drinking water regulation has the purity loud DIN EN 901 is tested and examined with DVGW and DGHM (VAH list).
(Germany list) Safe application for overhead irrigation, irrigation with HydroAqua system and obscuring
Fast action against bacteria, fungi, viruses.
Spores of organic strains. e.g. E-Colli, Coliforms, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Trichopython, Staphylococcus etc.
Acts safely against MRSA viruses, polio virus, H7N1 virus, H1N1 virus (swine flu), anthrax spores - yeast and molds - as well as HIV and hepatitis B and C. Dermatolo- gically harmless. Allergic Suitable, no perfumes, 100% biodegradable

Erhältlich in 1L & 5L
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