Shieer Bio Clean 20L

Shieer Bio Clean 20L
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Avena is a root growth stimulator composed of 100% natural material. By the use of plant extracts... mehr
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Avena is a root growth stimulator composed of 100% natural material. By the use of plant extracts in the recipe and bacterial growth-stimulating natural substances, the root environment is greatly improved. This is evidenced by the difference in the root structure of all up to now treated plants with that of the untreated plants. In practice it appears that pythium roots, of which the core is still healthy, new root tips develop right through the affected skin after administration of Avena. Through an improved biological balance the pathogen in the root environment will be lower. Besides these properties Avena has a cleansing effect, so drip systems will not become clogged as soon by algae growth and crystallization.
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