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Narcos Cocos Mix 50 Liter Narcos Cocos Mix is a RHP-certified growing medium,... mehr
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Narcos Cocos Mix 50 Liter

Narcos Cocos Mix is a RHP-certified growing medium, composed of high-quality raw materials and is made of coconut fibres and coconut peat obtained from the bark of the coconut palm.


This premium growing medium possesses RHP-certified raw materials which have been flushed and buffered, giving you the perfect basis for your crop. A crucial element of the NARCOS Cocos Mix is the unique addition of a small quantity of RHP-certified peat moss, which will help your crop sprout up even quicker.


Narcos Cocos Mix is a premium growing medium with a stable pH value. With its composition of natural products, you can reuse this product as a soil improver

for your garden. To give your crops the best possible starting conditions, Narcos Cocos Mix contains a balanced mix of various fertilisers, directly available for your crop after planting.


Narcos Cocos Mix has a perfect water-to-air ratio. This is crucial for perfect root development and flowering. Narcos Cocos Mix can absorb large quantities of water in a short period, but its structure ensures that it doesn’t get too wet. Excess water easily drains from the growing medium. To get the best possible results, do not mix this product with other materials.



Coconut fibres

Coconut peat

Peat moss blond

Mineral lime

Calcium nitrate 0,1 kg/m3

NPK fertilizer 17-10-14-4 0, 4 kg/m3

pH (1:1.5 H2O VV) 6

EC (1:1.5 H2O VV) - mS/cm 0.6

pH (EN 13037) 6.4

EC (EN 13038) - mS/m 23

Organic material - >85%

Moisture content - <85%

Volume (EN 12580) 50 L

Air content -10 cm - % 15-23%
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