Narcos Pro-Mix 50 ltr 75 st. p/pallet

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NARCOS ProMix is an RHP-certified organic growing medium, composed of high-quality raw... mehr
Produktinformationen "Narcos Pro-Mix 50 ltr 75 st. p/pallet"

NARCOS ProMix is an RHP-certified organic growing medium, composed of high-quality raw materials. NARCOS Pro Mix is made of very carefully selected, first-class peat moss. By sieving this peat moss in a special manner and mixing in some perlite, NARCOS Pro Mix gets a pleasantly fluffy structure. As a result, NARCOS Pro Mix has an ideal water-to-air ratio, which is crucial to the healthy root development and flowering of your crop. NARCOS ProMix is a premium growing medium, and the addition of a sufficient quantity of lime ensures a stable pH value. To give your crops the best possible starting conditions,

NARCOS ProMix contains a balanced fertiliser which is directly available after planting. A small quantity of this fertiliser has been added, making this the perfect growing medium to fertilise at your own discretion. To get the best results, we recommend using NARCOS Comp 1 plant nutrition together with stimulators such as NARCOS Root Stim, NARCOS Growth Stim, and NARCOS Bloom Stim. NARCOS Pro Mix is a growing medium for immediate use when planting or potting various growing and flowering crops. It is advised to start with the NARCOS Comp 1 schedule from day one. Do not mix this product with other materials to get the best results.

Peat moss black
Peat moss blonde
Mineral lime

NPK fertiliser 17-10-14-4 0.4 kg/m3

pH (1:1.5 H2O VV). +/- 0.5 6.3

EC (1:1.5 H2O VV) – mS/cm. +/- 0.3 0.5

pH (EN 13037). +/- 0.5 6.7

EC (EN 13038) – mS/m. +/- 11 19

Organic material – % >85%

Moisture content – % <80%

Volume (EN 12580) 50 L

Air content -10 cm – % 14–22%

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