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BIO CLEAN – A BIOLOGICAL CLEANER – 100% DEGRADABLE SHIEER Bio-Clean is a biological... mehr
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SHIEER Bio-Clean is a biological cleaning liquid, that is completely bio-degradable and free of chemicals. It is used for the cleaning of all types of surfaces. SHIEER Bio-Clean has a strong cleaning effect, eliminates bacteria, viruses and removes smells. Bio-Clean is manufactured with the help of different types of highly effective plant-based ingredients.

  • Chelate builder
  • Biological substance, which effectively reduces surface Tension
  • An active substance, which brings polluted substances into Suspension

SHIEER Bio-Clean can be used in places of the highest hygiene regulations (disinfection of hospitals, slaughterhouses and generally in the food industry). Bio-Clean is also often used in animal husbandry, as a cleaner for sanitary facilities, as well as for the reduction of odour.

It is proven that materials cleaned with SHIEER-Bio Clean, have less germs than materials which were cleaned with antiseptics. Apart from this there is no expansion of bacterial colonies, germs and forms which are immune to antiseptics and antibiotics. In other words: Immunity is losing importance.



  • Biological cleaner
  • Not toxic for humans, animals and plants
  • Strong disinfectant effect
  • Elimination of bacteria and viruses
  • Inhibitory effect on mould and yeasts
  • Non inflammable
  • Pleasant, fresh fragrance

Bio-Clean can be used for

  • Cleaning of glass facades
  • To clean vehicles
  • Removal of algae and organic sediments
  • Decontamination of polluted surface water
  • Cleaning of fat and oil contaminated matter
  • Disinfection and smell reduction of stables
  • Elimination of smells after industrial outflows
  • Reduction of soap deposits in washing machines
  • Preventive treatment against calcification and deposits
  • Removal of rust


300 ml (0.3%) Shieer Bio Clean on 100 L water

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